Organic Barista Soya Milk 1lt

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Vitariz is the range of lactose-free drinks produced by Alinor solely with 100% organic rice of Italian origin. Rice is a gluten-free, hypoallergenic cereal, and this is why there are very few possibilities of developing an allergic reaction to rice even for those who suffer from food intolerances. Vitariz drinks are therefore a delicious choice for anybody, but especially for people like vegans and vegetarians who have a lifestyle that pays great attention to health and to the environment. The entire range is cholesterol-free (cholesterol being the prime enemy of a healthy cardiovascular system) and has a low salt content. Vitariz replaces cow’s milk in all its common uses: you can add it to tea or coffee, pour it over cereals, or use it in cooking. And if the weather’s very hot, there’s nothing better than a lovely, cool glass of thirst-quenching Vitariz with its delicate aroma – perhaps of almond or hazelnut.

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